Thursday, December 16, 2010

Praying for Brokenness.

This is an exert that I have had saved to my computer many many years ago.....I have no idea where it came from....but its speaking to me right now.

Brokenness is when we finally realize that there's nothing in this world that will satisfy our needs--brokenness is our soul crying out for the peace, love, and guidance of God. And nothing but the comfort God gives provides will heal brokenness. Any other comfort is like anesthetic on a gaping wound--it won't heal it and it'll only dull the pain for a little while. Brokenness is a state that is prime for unconditional surrender and it means that God is standing right beside you waiting for you to wake up, and reach up to take His hand. It is a state from which we overconfident humans are finally able to relinquish control-- and it's only when we relinquish control that we truly begin to live.

I am struggling with letting go of control right now, I don't want control b/c know that ultimately I can't get it right but I don't know how to let go. I WANT to be broken. I want to surrender....I just don't know how....I don't know where to start.......

So for now, I am praying to brokenness....

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