Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This blog is inspired by a question posted this morning by the K-Love morning show. It is wow Wednesday for them and asked the listeners to share a WOW moment that they had. One of those moments that just makes you say "wow, God!!"

This WOW moment for me happened a little over five years ago. We had just returned from Texas which is about 1500 miles from where we live in Virginia now. Eight days later we found out the devastating news that my father-in-law had had multiple strokes within 24 hours and only had a few days to live. We quickly prepared to leave again, trusting that God would provide. At that point we knew we had to use the majority of my husband's check for the traveling and praying for God's provision to help us get through the rest of the day to day living expenses. I had not told anyone of the specific needs for our trip, I had only asked prayer from the choir at our church for comfort during the time of grief. i recieved a call later that evening from our choir director. he told me that he had felt led during the prayer time to ask for a love offering, he told me he didn't know why he should be doing it but was responding to God's leading. The amount collected was EXACTLY the amount needed for us to make the round trip driving. I was in tears and reminded that God always has a plan and when we trust in him he will provide for us in ways that we can never imagine and he knows exactly what we need. That's my WOW story, and when I go through times that I am not sure what is going to happen, God often reminds me by bringing that story to my mind, that he will provide in HIS time, not mine.

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